Friday, April 24, 2009

Paper Airplane (Gyrocopter)


Well, for all of us who didn't get that TCG card... here is a REALLY BUILDABLE paper airplane! Who could realize that WoW chars could make PAPERCRAFT INGAME too? haha!

TIPS: Build the 3 helix blades and glue the points to a tiny paper sphere. Make a hole in the center and cut the exceeding out. Then you can stick the axis though it.

The wings must be attached by the extremities, there are no flaps.

Difficulty: Monkey
Download it HERE

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DraeneiZ said...

Hello! I figured another way to assemble the blades atop the plane. What I did was glued each blade to the next by overlapping them a little up the way, then fold the point over the next, save for the last which I folded over the bottom, then I opened the top of the thin point that attaches the blades to the plane, and folded it over leaving the blades centered. It's a bit fussy, but I think it works as well.