Thursday, April 30, 2009

Interview with Blizzard!

Hi everybody,
There's an interview that I did with the Official European WoW Community Website which you can find below. I did the interview in French so the translations might now be perfect, but I heard it's really good. It's one of the spotlight specials they do once in a while about people that create/do things inspired by the WoW Universe. There's some really cool ones (comics, video, real armors...) and now there's one about papercraft too :P

By the way, I only made maybe 2/3 of all the models on the site; Barbarian is making alot these days and there's a few here and there (like the Gnome) which are from other people. Gotta give them some love too XD

They used alot of pictures that are found on the site (mine weren't that good XD), so there's might be chances that your picture ended up on the official WoW website!

Français / English / Spanish / Deustch / Russian

(Stats for the week: +75000 visitors for 282k pages views :D thanks for coming)

Looks like some of you need some help with the files, so I'll try to help you.

if you just fell upon this page for the first time and wonder what the heck it is all about, well here's the main line. On this page you'll find papercraft models inspired by the World of Warcraft Universe which you can print and build yourself with only scissors and glue! Each post represents a different model and at the bottom of every post you'll find a download link. And it's all free, well except the glue and paper part...
If there's no download link, it's because we often post pictures of models that people built; the download link is then somewhere else with the original model posted.

You can open the files with Winrar and you'll find in it a PDF which you can print and a PDO file which can be opened in Pepakura Viewer; you can call those 3d instruction manuals. You can also print from the PDO file, but you can't open them if you're on a Mac.

Have Fun and a nice day!

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Barbarian said...

First of all, congratulations! I'm so happy and proud to see the blog on the official Blizz site, that I'm trying to unfold Magtheridon for you, haha!! Goddamned pitlord, this time you won't escape us!

And... I'm proud (and Johannes certainly is too) to see the Mini Diablo posing there :D

Happily we can see that Blizz is different of some other big companies, because they enjoy - and publish - their fans' artworks, while some crappy enterprise could try to sue us for using the game's stuff in our hobbies.

GRATZ to all!

PMF said...

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it and it's really nice of them too. Sorry if it doesnt mention you Barbarian, I did it a while ago, it took 'em sometime for the translations and all.

I should start making some more models... well, related to WoW I mean :P I do learn alot by doing those pocket monsters, I'm due for some hard models. hehe

Barbarian said...

Nevermind about mentioning, I'm happy with it anyway ;)

...and I like the Pokemon models, wish I could have some room for all of them... my pally model took the most space it could in my room, it's 50 cm tall :O As soon as it's finished I'll post some pics here.

Praise God that noone asks for a Blood Elf model after that, because BE and Draenei are way more complicated than the old races...

Eternuvent said...

Tout simplement remarquable !
A really great job !

LB said...

Amazing job, superb quality... I'm astonished :). If possible I'd ask you one of the most impressive pets of the game: LOQUE'NAHAK. Did you try/consider it?

Let me know!

Gustavo said...

men ca i put your blog in my favorites blogs?

abhijitdc aka syih said...

congrats :)

Barbarian said...

Loque Nahak actually being unfolded...

LB said...

Oh my.... I'm anxious to see the model in action :)

Plissken said...


Just wanted to say: Amazing work and time you put into these models, truly amazing.

My iPhone have a much cooler stand now :)

Barbarian said...

Hey Plissken send us a pic of it! :D

Willy said...

:D Translated to english

Sameer said...

Hello,I'm Sameer from India. I'm a hardcore fan of Warcraft and have been playing it since long.

First of all, Congratulations for your grand success. You people deserve it. Your papercrafts are really lovely and I'm very glad that they received the attention. :)Also thanks to blizzard which is admiring, inspiring such a nice work.

Congrats again. Keep it up.
Thank you!

gm power said...

That's one of my fave blogs too couldnt you guess =-D

chimerastone said...

Wow you made it this way to be noticed by Blizzards. Congratulations to you too. I never actually played the World of Warcraft online game because I'm so busy with other things. You have brilliant models with detailed textures. I'll know a bit a French since learnt the language at school and will have a look at the interview.
I wonder who made the Red Moonkin? Only joking. Being the perfectionist that I am I could fixed the lower patch better, it looks an apron. Attach thse arms furs were difficult.