Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swift Brewfest Ram by Barbarian

It seems that Barbarian is making more models than me these days. He just sent me this one, the Swift Brewfest Ram. He looks really great, but i'm not sure if it been tested. Shouldn't be too hard, lots of small pieces tho. Get it right here!
You might wonder why I'm not doing any more models. Actually, I just made 5 new models. The thing is that you won't find them on this blog (Edit: you can get 'em up there!). I've been doing some models for the Nintendo Papercraft Blog which should appear in a week or so. Some big things to come soon too and the Lich King is coming :P

oh and I got this too:

Cannon, made by

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Alien Mantis said...

Sadly gone from the face of the internet. That ram was cute though.