Monday, October 13, 2008


Since All Hallows' End is near, I thought I should post something about it.
Sadly, I'm not so big about blogging, I'll just wish you a creepy and horrifying night and lots of cavities in the near months. Over that, a few papercuts won't hurt much.

So let's see what kind of templates I have locked in the vault:

Pumpkins! (hmm pies)
Witch Hat! (careful of warts)
Flimsy Masks! (A Mask for All Occasions)
Black Cats! (scary)
Rats! (yuck)
Caltrop! (why not)
Treasure Chest! (always fun to link)
Skull Hammer! (just do the skull)
Razorblade! (good in apples... please don't do that)
Hood of the Malefic! (better now than never)
in fact, any helms is good for a costume...

also, be sure to download this one.


Skelekitty said...

You, sir, are just too clever!

Fab said...

i really love your work :D
i'd like to see one of a full T6 pally :D

Ed'N said...

Hep salur je need de l'aide pour passé mon perso du format .obj au format pdo !

voilasserais tu dacords pour me le faire ?

merci d'avance

Barbarian said...

Since patch 3.0.2 all softwares used to extract models are not working anymore. I used one that allowed me to extract the entire Arthas folder, but... Blizzard changed a lot of things: textures are now .skin archives (not .blp or .png format), and a lot of ".anim" fill the folder as well. ".M2" seems unchanged. If anyone has any news about softwares that could manage these archives, please help us, OK? Thanks in advance.

jellybean.no1 said...

Hey :)

The Masks on this post - the images for the masks all seem to be cut in half and I'm not quite sure how to transfer them to pepakura to make them into models - any help would be much appreciated :)

Barbarian said...

@jellybean You need to open the model on Pepakura Viewer (download links on the right side of this blog). To change textures, go to the app's menu Setting > Texture setting > click on Specify Texture, choose one of that jpgs and click ok.