Monday, March 9, 2015

Mists of Pandaria Intro Cinematic Improvised Hammer

From the MoP cinematic, here's the shrine's censer the Orc used as a hammer. The "hammer" is detachable from the base.

Some flaps were added where there was no connection, follow the 3D window to build.

Size: 30 cm high
Difficulty: High
Download it HERE (Mediafire)


kevin gamarra said...

thanks for sharing! nice work.

Knifejaw said...

Nice work. Hey, since you're making Pandaria stuff still, my main is pandaren and that cloud serpent hatchling that got mentioned earlier would be a cool project. You still working on that?

Barbarian said...

Tnaks! Have fun! :) Yes, I'm redoing all remaining models before publishing them, and the hatchling is one of them. Actually I have little time to work on them but they'll be here soon™