Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tol'vir Jackal Helm

Note that there is only a small area under the chin that connects the head to the neck.

Size: 20 cm high
Difficulty: Medium
2 skin colors
Download it HERE (Mediafire)


Anonymous said...

I made the model with no problem and it looks awsome. Would a life sized version be hard to skin?

Barbarian said...

It is one of that models with a low quality texture, it'll be so distorted if built life-sized that the final result will be a really ugly waste of paper and time :P

...that's why I don't make some models life-sized. Models like Frostmourne have a high quality texture that can be stretched a lot, but these are few.

Anonymous said...

hello, do you have life sized version , but, i want this model for a larp armor even this ugly because i'm paint this
thank !