Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horde Tier 9 Plate Helmet (life-sized)

There were a lot of requests of life-sized items recently, but I had to choose something easier to build - less pages, less headache... It's Orc-sized but will fit any puny human head too XD XD XD - anyway, the 3 skins are included: Warrior (brown), Death Knight (black) and Paladin (red/golden).

It was tested before posting. A stand is not included but it's so big that it certainly will sit proudly on any bookshelf.

(next one is T10 Pally Helm, the one Tirion is using inside ICC)

Size: 40 cm high
Difficulty: Medium
Format: PDO or PDF
Download it here: PDO / PDF

For the test build the pally skin was used coz it takes less black ink...


Juan M. Pardo Rocco said...

hey amigo muchas felicitaciones por tu blog es muy entretenido y tiene muy buenos modelos, estare atento a cualquier novedad. desde Santiago de Chile...BUENA CAZA y QUE LA FUERZA DEL PAPEL TE ACOMPAÑE.

hey friend many congratulations on your blog is very entertaining and has a very good models, be alert to any developments. from Santiago de Chile ... good hunting PAPER TO FORCE be with you.

Anonymous said...

Again, awesome job, long time don't see a life size model...
thanks for answers some request, this is very kind.

again, asking for the same, boring... , but really i want have a Life Size model of the StormHerald.

Bye and be care yourself

PD: the last time i built some life size models of WoW was the BladeTwister, i have a nice pair, and looks awesome crossing the pair

Sunburst said...

bonjour a tous.
j'essaye de fabriquer ce papercraft, cependant a partir de la page 6 plus rien ne s'imprime si ce n'est le texte sur les pages :s est-ce un probleme de patron ou le probleme vient il de chez moi ?
salutations ;)

PMF said...

hmm, à première vue, le fichier semble de bien fonctionner. j'vais essayer de faire in pdf, peut-être que cela pourrait aider.

Barbarian said...

This problem happens with me sometimes since Pepakura updated to version 3. I close the program and try to print it again. It seems to me that Pepakura is not fully compatible with all printer models.

jamjam87 said...

I'm finally finished the hour with the helmet after 10th
It is difficult to attach the visor. Also, I did not know where I had to install Face Plate's.
Would be nice if their views would show a photo of the inside.
The colors are unfortunately not been as strong as on your photos. : (
I stay well but better weapons. ;)