Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quest Icons

Ever wanted to tell your employees every bleepin' day that you have a quest for them without having to repeat yourself again and again? It would be funny to hang that ! in your office above your head... but it would work only for WoW players XD XD

Here you have both the exclamation and question icons from the questgivers. Not so simple as they seem in game but still easy to make.

Note: The question mark has no back side. You can try to print it inverted and add some flaps to its extremities manually, so you can join the parts and make it round.

Yellow and blue "skins" included.

Size: 18 cm high
Difficulty: Easy
Formats: PDO + PDF
Download it HERE


Anonymous said...

how can i hang the fot of the exclamation mark ?

Barbarian said...

I think that something like a thin fishing/sewing line will be good... attach it with a small piece of tape. This way it will be difficult to see :)