Monday, September 15, 2008

Pokémon (/sigh) - PaperCraft Museum

Here's Haywan with huh... some creature with a bulb on its back. Looks like he's gonna be a doctor but for now, he's the webmaster of PaperCraft Museum, a kind of website/database of all kind of Papercrafts. So, go check it out if you're tired of Warcraft (but then again, how could you be?!) There's also some videos tutorials too!

Anyway, i'm just posting that because the pic was funny (hey, you did link it below) and also because some people have a hard time finding the few pokémons I'VE made, so here's the list:

Edit: I'll just link to Paperpokés blog.

Anyway, some new stuff maybe later next week, if i'm not too lazy...

...Warcraft stuff.


Haywan said...

lol thanks for linking me, i feel honored!

PMF said...

lol you're welcome Professor Oak

chimerastone said...

There are some pokemon pepakura models floating about in the internet, sometimes they turn up in 4chan /po. I like your World of Warcraft models, they are interesting and detailed textures. The trouble is a lot of them are 10+ pages and use up a ink. They are well worth it.

Skelekitty said...

Haha! I love that photo - it makes me lol everytime!

And it's a lovely model too. Nice job to both PMF and Heywan.