Saturday, July 5, 2008

Human Paladin with Judgement Set.

Some days ago, somebody requested a human pally on the little "shoutlog" in the sidebar to your right. I thought it was a good idea since there's not much human models on this page. So here's a human pally with the Judgement set. It won't be easy to build but i'm sure he'll look great in the end. Use pepakura as always!

Download here. (see update above for info about legs!)

BTW, the french version of the site is starting to take shape. It should be up to date by tomorrow. I put a list of every models with pictures on the page too. Might be worth checking out.


Trimble said...

I'm still waiting for the damned ZA Bear mount.

Or, what I'd REALLY like to make is the Dark Portal itself. make it about a foot tall hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to get the information about the size of the finished models (from pdo, or something)?


Sarama said...

This whole papercraft thing is too awesome. Where might I go to check for models of Red Dragonscale Protector and Lok'amir il Romathis?