Monday, December 10, 2007

Bear mount

Nothing new today, just passing the time.
Something that is fun when you look thru the database is all the beasts/items that you never saw. Like the new Bear Mount from Zul'Aman.
Anyway, Xmas stuff coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Damm, you make really cool papercraft! Keep it going!

I would like to wish something simple papercrafts, etc. something like treasure chest and mailbox are.

FatMagic said...

Any chance you can make a guide to putting together paperkraft? I did my first papercraft this weekend, and it was "somewhat" intuitive, but I could see where I wish I had known more ahead of time.

Maybe you could document putting together a model, and post it for us newbies? What glue/tape to use.. what cutting tools, folding tools.. etc? That would be super helpful :)

Looking forward to the Christmas stuff!!


Trimble said...

Damn, I still want this bear! Please say someday?